SKETS welcomes Tarun Sharma on board

SKETS welcomes Tarun Sharma on board as a Senior Manager, Support Functions. The growth of SKETS has led to an inevitable need of enhancing, optimizing and expediting the existing processes. His roles, would be to work on streamlining the Admin, IT, HR, Accounts, Finance and Marketing functions through SOPs. The responsibilities he has taken in are, and not limited to, creating and maintaining smooth functionalities of internal operational processes of SKETS Studio.

Having started his career with sales, Tarun is an industry polished top executive with over twenty years of experience in industries such as banking & financial sectors, HR consultancy, IT and Hospitality,  Tarun comes in with an expertise of running business operations with utmost efficiency. With him on board, SKETS is expecting to have a clear organizational structure needed to run a firm which is expected to cross a 1000+ employee mark in a few years.

SKETS is elated to have a multi-dimensional industry expert on board. He has already proven himself in various industry, however, SKETS looks forward to his impact on this growing giant of the niche of documentation. He has already started understanding the process dynamics of the firm. The S.O.P.s he will develop will not only give a clear process path but also a well organized path for the internal teams to function upon. Being a single point of contact for the functional operations, he will be able to corelate and escalate the work in priorities in order to run SKETS business, smooth and efficent. 

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