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The Rigorous hiring process at SKETS

Personality and Technical evaluation by reviewing resumes

SKETS receives resumes via job site, social media sites, company website, internal references, and emails. The first round towards shortlisting the candidates is by reviewing their resumes carefully and evaluating their personalities and technical know-how.

Interaction with internal HR expert :

The second round towards the candidate selection process starts with a short aptitude test which assesses the comprehension & communication skills of the candidate. This is followed by a face-to-face interview with the SKETS HR Expert. The candidates who are hands-on, energetic & enthusiastic people and who have a positive approach towards learning are the ones who move to the next round.

Screening process through Technical assessment test

The third round to select the right candidate is to understand the level of the candidate’s technical expertise. In order to do so, a technical assessment test has been created by technical professionals working with the company. This is a 1.5 hours long test of 25 marks which includes Revit modeling, Documentation, and Review.

Screening by Technical Expert/Manager

The fourth round of our interviewing process is the screening of the candidate by technical experts/managers already working in the field. This helps us to understand whether the applicant we are hiring has the necessary experience and skills. This also lets us know if the candidate is equally passionate about delivering quality and excellence.

Personality Evaluation through face to face interview

SKETS dynamic & innovative interviewing process for personality evaluation helps to take the correct decision and gauge the real acumen & expertise of the candidate. Candidates with the ability to work in multiple teams & roles, go-getter attitude, willingness to learn, contribute to the betterment of teamwork are always preferred.

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SKETS welcomes all the talented and skilled Architects, Interior Designers, 3D Visualizers, Revit experts and Engineers to partake in the rapidly growing organization with Global footprints. SKETS values and accepts all applicants who want to adhere to the aim of “Accelerating Growth Through Delivery Excellence”.


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