Quality Management

At Skets
Quality is a way of life

Quality at SKETS is a way of life – we ensure that there is Quality work at every step. SKETS has developed a proprietary Project Management tool “ePlan” to ensure Quality in our projects. ePlan provides a graphic representation of project-related status, with special emphasis on Process Compliance and Quality.

This is how we optimise our Quality while working in the timeframe :

  • ePlan
  • Training
  • Knowledge Base
  • Focus
We have developed a proprietary automated process framework “ePlan” for tracking projects
We provide specialised training to our architects on standards, tools, processes and soft skills
SKETS has created a central repository of guidelines, checklists, process documents, training material, best practices, etc., to provide assistance to the project teams at every stage
We focus on continual improvement and strive to deliver more than our customer’s expectation

SKETS has created an organizational structure known as Project Management Office to ensure high quality service. PMO delivers high value by ensuring a constant focus on quality and process adherence.

At SKETS, quality is not just about implementing a set of process or a methodology; it is more of an attitude where our team is focused and obsessed with maintaining the highest quality standards and delivering 100 per cent defect-free services to customers.

Our vision statement “Accelerating growth through Delivery Excellence” reflects the philosophy of our organisation. We have taken several measures to ensure flawless service delivery.