Process Framework

Our In-house management tool

Our mission is ‘To provide high value services by operating on a continually improving service model”. To achieve this we have developed a proprietary project management tool “ePlan” which helps in tracking the progress and quality of our projects.

Process Framework

The benefits of ePlan are multifold as listed below:

  • Quality
  • Project Tracking
  • Knowledge Base
  • Standardisation
  • Continuous improvement
SKETS has created an organizational structure called Project Management Office (PMO) to ensure high quality service. Reports generated by ePlan enable management to focus on quality and process adherence.
ePlan is used to track project status and progress. The estimates, scope & schedule is captured in the system and daily timesheets are maintained to monitor and track the time spent and schedule of the project. 
Helps build a repository of information for project planning and estimation. A reusable repository of client specific standards and templates is also maintained in ePlan. Apart from this Technical Blogs and Discussion Forum within ePlan promote Knowledge Sharing within the organization. 
Helps set uniform standards for clients and across the organisation. Checklists are maintained within ePlan to ansure adherence to standards. 
Aids in identification of strengths and potential areas of improvement

ePlan provides a graphic representation of project-related status such as effort, individual progress, productivity, team performance, process compliance and quality. Our process framework has been refined and perfected over the course of multiple engagements. We are one of the very few companies to have automated all our operational processes.

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