Execution Models

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Project Based Model

Project based model is designed for individual projects with well-defined scope. Under this model we prepare an estimate for the project and the fee is based on the scope of work. SKETS team acts as a virtual extension of the client’s design team. The project coordinator provides an interface between the design team and SKETS team.

  • Fast turnaround time due to the time difference advantage
  • High quality services owing to our specialisation
  • Staff Augmentation during periods of peak activity

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Timesheet Model

In renovation projects the scope of work for the project is fluid and thus creating an estimate becomes difficult. In these scenarios a time sheet model is recommended. Team maintains detailed timesheet for the work carried out and these are shared with the design team on a periodic basis.

  • Design team is able to monitor and guide areas where changes need to be made
  • Both the teams can work on the drawings in parallel
  • Billing is based on the actual time spent on the project

Dedicated Studio Model

Under this model we dedicate a team or “studio” for the client based on the requirements. The team is assigned to perform work on multiple projects exclusively for the client. The Dedicated Studio operates as an extended arm of the client’s studio. With mature processes and integrated teams, the documentation time is reduced drastically. This model is ideal when client needs to augment their team and require assistance across multiple projects.

  • Provide uninterrupted support on multiple client projects
  • Lower learning curve through dedicated resources resulting in time and cost saving
  • Retention of knowledge within the team
  • Availability of domain expertise and knowledge retention

Once we receive a Request for Proposal our team puts together a proposal based on the scope of work and project schedule. Based on the project requirement we recommend the execution model to be adopted for the project.