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Point of excellence award by ‘Wilson Associates’

We have established ourselves as a leader in Design Documentation Services for Architectural and Interior Design industry. SKETS derives its strong maturity in execution through its focus on maintaining the highest quality standards across the organisation. With an outstanding performance record, we have a legacy of innovation and service delivery that has helped us maintain a near 100% customer retention rate.


Our strong commitment in providing the very best for our clients is reflected in the “Point of Excellence” award conferred to us by Wilson Associates. The award was presented by Ms. Trisha Wilson (Founder & CEO) for Excellence in Design Documentation service provided by SKETS.

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We enable our customers to enjoy greater control over the delivery of their projects, reduce their risks and improve quality and availability of services. Our clients are also able to leverage our intrinsic strengths in the areas of execution.

Here’s what our Clients have to say about us:

You have no Idea how grateful we are with you and your team for working with us, the set looks very good and we are very pleased with it please send our warmest regards to all your team.

Project Manager
One of world’s Top 20 Interior Design firm

We have received the package and we would like to say the it was very much perfect aside from minor revisions that I made here. They were very minor and they were not your fault, just things that came to the last minute that we over looked before. Please let me send my best compliments to you and your team as you have made miracles with this package and I am really looking forward on working with you and team in a project that is not as crazy like this one. Please keep in touch and hope you have an awesome day 🙂

Studio Director
One of world’s Top 20 Design firm

Thank you so much for your team’s work On the 100% DD set.  We really appreciate that you guys worked past the Friday date in order to help us successfully meet our deadline tonight.  You guys are a lifesaver and we are very happy with how the set turned out.

Senior Project Designer
One of world’s Top 20 Design firm

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You and you’re team is the best!

I probably wont be sending through updates today but will be sending through another round later this week with more detail on the vanity and what not.

Thanks for all the hard work!

Senior Designer
One of world’s Top 20 Design firm

Please extend our most heartfelt thanks to the entire SKETS team. Your hard work has made a very complete set of drawings for which you should be very proud.  Thank you again.

Senior Project Manager
One of world’s Top 20 Design firm

Thank you for all your hard work the last few weeks in assisting us to meet our tender deadline. The drawings we received from SKETS studio was to a high level and we appreciate you all for being so thorough and meticulous.

As it was our first time using SKETS, we found it to be an excellent experience and appreciate that the communication back and forth was always very clear and efficient.

Thanks and we look forward to using your services again in the future!

Senior Designer 
One of world’s Top 20 Design firm

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