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Leader in Design Documentation

SKETS Studio has established itself as a leader in Design Documentation Services for the Architectural and Interior Design industry. With a history of excellence in service and value creation for clients, SKETS acts as an extended arm of client’s studio.

Our scope of services spans across Architecture and Interiors for different industry segments including:


SKETS is one of the few companies that is organised around verticals. With our deep domain expertise in key industries, our team is able to take complete responsibility for large scale projects. The domain experience of our team helps us in executing the project with minimal inputs from the clients.

Skets StudioWhy Us?
SKETS has a near 100% customer retention rate. Our people have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure customer satisfaction and solve problems.
The fact that we are 35-40% less costly than in-house production is not the primary benefit. The biggest advantage is the ability to streamline operations during peak & lean periods and accelerate project delivery schedules.

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Skets StudioOur Experience:
We have a rich experience of documenting over 700+ large scale projects. This enables our team to set up the package and subsequently details based on the plans, elevations and renderings.
We have worked with world renowned hospitality designers for numerous hotel groups including Edition Hotels, Four Seasons, Hilton, Intercontinental, Disney Hotels and many more.

Skets StudioOur Differentiators:
The biggest advantage is
-Ability to streamline operations during peak & lean periods
-Accelerate project delivery schedules by upto 35-40%.
-Reduce cost by almost 35-40%

Skets StudioIndustry Recognition:
Our strong commitment in providing the very best for our clients is reflected in the “Point of Excellence” award conferred to us by Wilson Associates.
The award was presented by Ms. Trisha Wilson (Founder & CEO) for excellence in Design Documentation service provided by SKETS.

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Our team has worked on multifarious projects ranging from Luxury Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, SPAs, City Centers, Retail Outlets, Commercial Centers, Restaurants, Corporate Interiors to Private Mansions. Building on that expertise SKETS maximizes the business value delivered to clients’ project portfolio. We have partnered with top Design firms across the globe to complete over 700 high-end projects.

Partnering with SKETS facilitates our clients to re-invent their business model to compete successfully in this fast changing world. SKETS delivers unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and innovation. Positioning itself as a navigator, the company has been guiding customers in their quest of maximising business value.

The operating philosophy of SKETS is epitomised in its mission statement “To provide high value services by operating on a continually improving service model”. This has been the driving force behind our long-standing relationships with clients worldwide. 

We have a strong track record of successfully executing very large scale, complex projects. Infact many of these projects are so complex that they would not have been traditionally considered “offshorable”.